August 29, 2016

Interning at Show Me Your Mumu Part I

This dress, designed and manufactured by Show Me Your Mumu (Mu), is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. While at the Mu headquarters in downtown Los Angeles this summer, I truly learned to appreciate the effort that goes into designing beautiful patterns, such as the one used for this dress. Regarding my summer experience, some of you have asked about the internship process. Here are a few good tips from my experience.

First, research companies that are in the industry you wish to learn more about and you think would be awesome to work with. Brainstorm with friends, family, and colleagues to think of companies that you otherwise might miss. Select two or three and concentrate on those top choices. Next, looking over your skills, prepare a résumé using action verbs. Have a trusted individual proof edit the document and help you use the best words to describe your skills and accomplishments. Then write a brief cover letter that highlights how your skills would benefit the company. Remember, the way to market yourself is to show the company executives how your qualifications would be an asset for their business. Be sure not to exaggerate on the résumé or the cover letter; you’ll be asked to perform whatever you said you're proficient at doing. Last, take your time completing the online application in detail, submitting in the fall for a summer internship. That’s right--for many companies, you submit applications now through early December for next summer.

In my search for the perfect internship in the United States, I completed applications for two companies with one in the Northeast and one on the West Coast. One graciously declined stating they were looking for individuals who were either already working in their retail stores or who were blogging/buying their designs regularly. They indicated that their brand is a lifestyle, and they had chosen someone who worked for the company. The second said I was exactly what they were looking for--outstanding work ethic shown through excellent academics and work experience, strong computer skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Google Applications, and Microsoft Office, and proven marketing knowledge with creating content on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I had the best experience working with Show Me Your Mumu. In my next blog post, I will give more details of my summer in LA as a “Mutern.”  Xoxo, Shelly



August 16, 2016

My Style: Light as a Feather

Settling back into my old childhood room, if only for a few weeks while I pack for my senior year at university, is a tad surreal. I love being home in this small town, but I look forward to seeing my friends and getting back into the swing of things at university. Apartment hunting is the absolute worst though. For those of you looking to go to college this fall, make certain you select your roommates carefully--you will be seeing them daily, sharing food, sharing cleaning responsibilities, using each other's furniture and dishes, etc. I’m blessed that I will be rooming with two of my best friends in the whole world. Also, some advice that might help while you’re getting ready:  be sure to arrange your utilities, your renter’s insurance, and your moving truck lease well in advance. I never have experienced dorm life; alas, I can’t give you advice there. But if you have any questions about apartment life, just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

To get my mind off of the stress of moving, I was excited when I got the opportunity to blog a couple of pieces from Banana Republic! Their stylists asked me my preferences, how I describe my style, and measurements. They sent me these perfect boyfriend shorts and a brightly colored purse. The shorts are a dream! I love the denim cut, fit, distressed look, and coloring--they are one of my favorite pairs of denim shorts now. I also like the quality and the design of the purse; it’s gorgeous, but I normally like neutral leathers for my accessories. However, this pop of color can brighten up a gloomy day, and I think it went well with the white peplum top for summer styling. Always fun to add a piece to your closet that’s different from the norm. I finished the look with some retro platforms that matched the white in the top to pull everything together.

I sure hope your experiences this summer were amazing. The older I get, the more I realize that attitude is the lens through which we see the world. I’ve also learned that we all, and I mean all, have stress in our lives; but it’s how we handle or react to that stress that makes the difference. So if you’re getting ready to get back to school, just write a to-do list and organize your priorities. Then go out and buy a new top, denim shorts, and a purse. You will feel so much better from the shopping therapy! Xoxo, Shelly


August 3, 2016

My Style: Wide Open Spaces

Arizona welcomed me back with open arms and thundering rain clouds. I've always loved monsoon season, so I was happy to get caught in the storm on the drive home and another one right before this shoot. The rain is desperately needed here and helps cover the mountains in greenery. This is my favorite time of year in Northern AZ. It's not too hot, it's not too cold, and the storm clouds create a gorgeous gloom. Let's just say, I'm happy to be home. I appreciated my time in the city [Los Angeles, CA], but it's so peaceful where I'm from [Prescott, AZ]. It's lovely to come back to wide open spaces. Xoxo, Shelly